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San José del Pacifíco

In the south of the state of Oaxaca, there is a magical town full of spirituality that has all its visitors delighted with its wonderful views.

San José del Pacífico is a must stop for all those who seek peace, tranquility and self-discovery in the middle of nature, where the Wi-Fi connection is weak.

The town is located at 2,500 meters above sea level, it is surrounded by vegetation, fresh air and incredible panoramic views.

¿How to get there by public transport?

The cheapest way to get to San José del Pacifico is with suburbans leaving from the City center of Oaxaca. Normally it has a cost of $150 MXN per person.

Even if you arrive directly from Oaxaca Airport, you can walk or order a taxi to the main road where the suburbans pass every 45 minutes in the direction of the Oaxaca beaches, since San José is the intermediate point where they all have to pass, so that you don't have to go all the way to downtown Oaxaca.

There are three transport lines that go to San José leaving from Oaxaca Centro, Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Zipolite and Pochulta.

  • Lineas Unidas; Oaxaca Centro: 951187551 Pochutla: 9585841322

  • Eclipse; Oaxaca Centro: 9515161068

  • Expresso Colombo Huatulco; Oaxaca Centro: 9515143854 Huatulco: 9585872311

Things you need to know before you arrive

  • The weather is cold most of the time, so bring warm clothes.

  • Hallucinogenic mushrooms are not a taboo in the town, so you can get them anywhere, as long as they have given you an explanation of how to have that magical experience.

  • The mushroom season is in the rainy season (June-October)

  • There are no ATM's so you need to carry cash, as sometimes there may be no signal to charge cards.

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