Rancho Viejo
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What can be more liberating than fly?


Dare to take that step and feel the thrill of flying. Glide into the heights and admire the landscape of San Jose del Pacifico, between the clouds.


Ziplining has become one of the favorite activities for lovers of adventure tourism and nature, as it allows them to feel the adrenaline rush and live a moment of freedom safely. It is also a way to enter the world of adventure, to later try something more extreme.


And in Rancho Viejo you will find the ideal alternative to try this experience. The views, the feeling of the wind on your face, the speed they reach and their extension are incomparable. The best thing is that you can choose between two routes with different heights and distances or better yet, do both.





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Rancho Viejo


Hiking is a recreational activity that consists of hiking on trails or paths that normally run through natural areas in San Jose del Pacifico to explore the flora and fauna of the region.

Although it is a practice that was born as a sporting activity, it is not necessary to have a particular physical condition to do it and today it is closely linked to tourism.




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Rancho Viejo
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The temazcal is a steam bath used in Mesoamerica for hygienic, ritual, therapeutic and spiritual purposes.

The word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word “temazcalli”, (temaz-sweat, calli-house); its literal translation would be “sweat house”.


Both for the ancestral peoples and for hundreds of people who practice the temazcal ceremony today, the heat, steam and sweat cause a purification of body and soul, in communion with nature, well known by ancestral cultures.

In itself, the temazcal represents the earth, the goddess who sustains us and gives us life; when the person enters it, it is said that he is entering the womb of mother earth and therefore has the shape of a "dome" with small dimensions representing the womb.


The heating to which the body is subjected reaches high temperatures producing a series of reactions: it accelerates the heart rate of Latinos, stimulates blood circulation and generates thermal regulation mechanisms by activating the metabolism.




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