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Rancho Viejo
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Cabañas Rancho Viejo emerged in 2015, from a family concept, which over the years has evolved, to become a complex of cabins, sharing unique experiences that go hand in hand with the local culture.


Being located on the Sierra Sur of the state of Oaxaca, in San José del Pacifico, we offer our guests a unique experience in the company of nature and the incomparable landscapes that only Oaxaca offers us.

Rancho Viejo


Delight our guests with the quality and hospitality of our collaborators, providing a personalized service, thus creating unforgettable memories in a relaxing environment in the midst of nature and the essence of the forest.

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Our main purpose is to make you enjoy an unforgettable stay, so we are a team dedicated to providing the best personalized service to our guests.

Rancho Viejo
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A unique experience on the greenest route in Oaxaca where you can enjoy nature in its maximum splendor, gastronomy and spirituality with the comfort that we offer you in our cabins.


To continue being an ecotourism reference point, a leader in providing a unique and warm service in order to satisfy the needs of our distinguished guests, in the midst of a family environment, taking into account a work culture that encourages continuous improvement of our team.

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